Customer Service

"Excellent response time. I needed help finishing the job I had started in changing the elements in my water heater. I couldn't get one of them to come out. I got immediate response the next day (I called them late in the day), and they took care of the problem. They called back the following day to make sure everything was working properly."   

Thorough and Professional

"Jimmy Stackhouse has provided excellent service to our family on several occasions. He has been thorough, and professional. When he worked on our shower, he continued to problem solve until he fixed the diverter. I would highly recommend his firm, and we will definitely use their services again."


"They took care of the job while I was out town. I could not ask for better service."

Service Above and Beyond

"James Stackhouse went above and beyond to help get our water restored in Candor. I would recommend Stackhouse Plumbing hands down!"